Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Southern Belle


is quite the Southern Belle! She's totally cracking me up with how she's pronouncing different words.

For instance, ask her what her name is and you'll get..."Kate. My-nah (our last name)." Then quickly followed with, "Come here now."

Or she'll say, "Hey-yelp" for help, and "RITE" when saying "right now", "a-gee-inn" for again.

Totally puts a smile on my face. I honestly don't know where she's getting it. WE are not that southern! Of course not! hehehe!


~ Grace ~ said...

I love those moements. My daughter speaks like she is from back east... droping the "R"s from her words.

Car = Caa
Fork = Fo-ik

Funny thing is she has lived in Northern California all her life... no one her has an accent like that.

Lisa T. Howard said...

Well now, I would have NO problem understandin' the lil' sugar plum! I've lived in NC my entire life and we have ourselves some truly southern folks 'round these parts. Actually, we are more country than southern, KWIM? Despite being a native, I am often asked what part of the north I'm from. HUH?!?!? But the rest of my family....they could teach your daughter a few more tricks. lol!

She's an absolute cutie pie! TFS!!!