Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring has hit!

Since the temps. have been in the 70s the last 2 days, I've gotten Spring fever like crazy. It doesn't help that my dear friend sent me home with some delicious smelling daffodils, or that Lowes sent me their latest "Creative Ideas" magazine. So this afternoon I finally caved. I bought my first set of bulbs and hope to plant them in the coming weeks. Pssst....y'all remind me to plant them, because I'm the world's WORST at buying flowers and either leaving them in their containers or forgetting to plant them! The 2 5 gallon buckets of dead azaleas that are now sprouting weeds are a testiment to that.

But here's what I bought today:

5 "Dolly Madison" lily bulbs

I think these will go great with the purple irises that are starting to come up!

Lily of the Valley

Hopefully THESE will be the solution to my shady, weedy backyard. I'm still desperately trying to get my hostas, and hopefully some ferns to grow back there too. I'm hoping these will do the trick! And they smell good too!

And last but not least, I bought these:

2 hot pink Bleeding Hearts!

I hope to put these babies along the side of my house next to my rose bush. I'm so excited!!!

In other news, Caroline has been saying THE funniest things lately. (And I'm writing here so I'll remember them ;) )

Last night in the tub while I was washing her hair I made the comment at how long her hair is getting. She replied with, "Yeah, mommy, my hair IS long. I tink I need to go to the hair cut store."

And then today while driving home from church she asked if she could have something, I don't remember what, but my answer was 'no'. I told her, "Nope. Sorry....Sorry Charlie." To which she replied, "Heeeey! My name's not Char-wee! I'm Car-wo-wine. Dat's my name. Car-wo-wine!" Yep, we chuckled about that one too!

Hope you've had a great weekend! I know I have! Be back soon with a new LO! ;)


Brandy said...

dylan's funniest thing is that when he has a problem he says "you think medicine will help?" kids are funny. love those flowers, maybe i'll have to add some of those to my growing list...

Jennifer said...

Oh, I love Lily of the Valley! The spread too...hope they work for ya! My Bleeding heart tripled in size in a very short time. My kind of plants...little or no work. Enjoy your perennials!

Heather said...

Kids say the cutest things ever! Love your flowers. I wish I had places to plant flowers like that! BEAUTIFUL!!

Lisa T. Howard said...

I would remind you to plant your bulbs but I can never remember to plant my own! I finally gave up last year and settled on the weeds that sprouted in their place. I am gone every weekend so I figured what the heck! Glad you are having such a great week!

Mara... said...

Those flowers are gorgeous Deanna. Happy Spring fever!!