Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Right now...

Lots of randomness in this post, which, ironically best sums up life right now.

Right now:
--I'm looking forward to slowing down this Christmas season. It's kinda funny, but our December calendar doesn't look NEAR as clutter and full as Oct. and Nov. did and that really makes me happy!

--I'm listening to "Sid the Science Kid", who annoys me greatly, and no one's even watching it.

--the girls have on their 1st Christmas outfits of the season! I LOVE holiday clothing! (the tasteful kind, not tacky) It's just so fun! And I'm thankful that my SIL passes her holiday wear down to us too! :) It means we have lots to choose from! Today's ensemble is all about pink and green. ;)

--I'm finally not doing the single-parent thing. Even though the last 3 days of it weren't too terribly bad, I'm looking forward to my "reinforcement" coming home tonight! :D

--Today my dear grandfather turns 84. Our littlest guy is one of the only ones who can make him spontaneously laugh (and I love that about both of them).

--I have NOT decorated for Christmas yet. Not one stitch of it. Ugh. I really really want to, it just hasn't happened yet. I still have 5 pumpkins (down from the 7) on my front step. The only reason 2 are gone is because my mom took them to make pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving.

--Yesterday the radio was switched to the all-Christmas-music station. It'll stay there through the new year. :D

--Josh and I are reading this (not the Kindle version):

It's a re-read for him. He hasn't read it since he was a kid. I, on the other hand, haven't ever read it, or the full series for that matter, and am trying to rectify that. You know, in all my spare time. hehe!

--THIS just went up on our kitchen table! I made it 2 years ago, and it's still my most favorite scrappy project I've made to date! Love love love it! It just makes me smile! :D

--REALLY wanting an Advent wreath and candles for my kitchen table too. AND, a daily scripture reading we can do as a family at dinner. If anybody knows of one, I'd love to hear suggestions. (And yes, I already know about the Jesse tree. It's just another one of those things I haven't gotten around to making yet, but I DO want one of those too. ;) ) Growing up we always had the wreath with the candles like they have at church, so I would like to pass down that tradition to my kiddos.

--on the "to do" list today: make a paper chain with the girls so we can countdown the days til Christmas!

--also on the "to do" list: grocery shopping, to the bank, and mailing my package to my Secret Santa.

And now I'm off to do just that! Hope you enjoyed the sneak peek in to my life right now.

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Holly Cat said...

i *LOVE* it. Thank you! TAB