Friday, December 10, 2010

You might be addicted to scrapping when...

Okay so here's the story...It's was really cold earlier in the week and the girls and I aren't quite used to that yet. So, a few days ago I decided we all needed to get out of the house. We ended up at McDonald's and their PlayPlace, which I've decided is the perfect little outing to meet everyone's needs. You see, I also had a few deadlines I had to meet, so I had packed up a few of my scrap supplies as well. (I always feel like I'm wasting time just sitting there watching them play. Thus the scrap stuff.) And there I was IN MCDONALDS scrapping, making a few cards, while the girls played (happily) and the baby slept (soundly). I *think* I might be addicted to scrapbooking! hehe! But like I said the girls played, I scrapped, and the baby slept, so we were all happy, right? right.

And get this---I wasn't the only one scrapping there! Another mom was working on a My Minds Eye 2011 calendar. Yes that made me smile. :) And here's what resulted:

(All product from Echo Park's Merry Christmas line)

SO tell me. Just how addicted are you? Tell me you've done this too! hehe!

Happy Friday all!


Lisa said...

Carol and I get together often at Burger King and the boys play and we scrap. I've actually gone a bit further and brought my own lunch - really wanted Taco Bell and they don't have a play place!

Deanna said...

I knew somebody out there had done it too! Thanks for making me feel better about my/our crazed addiction Lisa! :D Glad to know you and Carol are in on it too! hehe!