Friday, May 27, 2011

@ 10 months

Buddy Boy was turned 10 months old way back on the 15th, and I still need to post about it. I can't believe that we're almost to the one year mark! July will be here before I know it! This little guy with his bright blue eyes has stolen our hearts and been such an easy baby to raise. So thankful for him! :)

He's a curious little booger. Good thing his sister is too, so I'm used to it (mostly). Here's what he's up to or in to at 10 months.
  • LOVES to eat, wants to have everything that we're eating, and says, "na na na na na" when rather demandingly he wants more while pounding his tray. I can only wonder if he's trying to say "snack".
  • FINALLY has teeth! Yes, more than one and they're not the norm. He's got his upper left snaggletooth and bottom left. His top front left is coming in. It's such an odd combination that it's kinda funny to look at.
  • Says "mama" more than "dada" but usually squeals more than anything.
  • loves loves LOVES the dog. And Bentley is so good with him, so gentle. They make a good pair
  • One of my favorite things is that he bear crawls across our sisel rug and when he's on grass. I think it's hilarious. He crawls normally everywhere else, but that bear crawl with that little butt up in the air totally makes me laugh. :) I need to get a picture of it!
  • Also loves the tub. We have to lay down towels so that the floor doesn't get all wet, because the moment he's set in the tub he's splashing. Feverishly splashing. He loves it so! (And he's not happy when the girls get a bath and he doesn't. And he makes sure we know it!)
That's all I've got for now. Hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend!

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Shantaie said...

What a cute little man, love his precious drooly smile,and those eyes of his are just as happy as his grin!