Thursday, May 5, 2011

Good therapy

So by now you may be sick of me posting pictures of the flowers from my yard, but I've learned very quickly that having flowers around is good therapy for me. And while these aren't exactly the flowers in my Mason jar just yet, my peonies are. And they're my favorite! It's intoxicating just to walk in to my kitchen right now. I have 3 jars full! And THAT, my dear friends, is good therapy! :)

Keeping with the flower theme, here's a Prima layout I was too chicken to submit. But I really love the way it turned out. IRL it's straight, but this one gave me FITS trying to get a good straight shot of it. (After 3 different times, I've given up). But I love the flowers on it. I enjoyed digging in my stash to use up some "older" flowers too!

You may have seen the picture before (I can't remember). McClain was 2 months old. And I titled it "True to Form" because the pic totally captures each of their personalities so dead on it's crazy. The journaling reads, "One being goofy, one fake smile, and one laughing. Yep, that's about right."

That's all I've got for now.

Hope you're having a Happy Cinco de Mayo! We're having Chicken, black bean and corn enchilada casserole! Yum! :)