Friday, May 20, 2011

A flash forward moment

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Oh good grief! Do you ever take a picture and flash forward to about 10 yrs. in your head?

All of a sudden your kid looks so grown up?

THESE photos do it to me. This little one, my Little Bit, isn't so little anymore. Sheesh! And in 10 years she's either going to brighten our lives like never before, have us holding our sides from laughing so hard or she's gonna have us dangling at the ends of our rope. Honestly I suspect it'll probably be a combination of all three. Gracious!

Sweet, angelic one minute...

a little sassy frassy spunky monkey the next.

All posed on her own mind you. I didn't prompt these at all. I only obliged by taking her picture. (wink wink.)

My favorite SK story this week was when I trimmed her hair. She's four. FOUR. And has never had a real haircut, not counting the self-inflicted shearing she gave herself last summer. It's finally grown out to the point that I can start trying to even it up. While trimming said hair she dramatically exclaimed, "Your cutting my REAL hair! That's. My. Hair!" as she fingered the ends that had fallen. And I had to bite my lip not to reply sarcastically, "What did you think you were cutting last summer? Your FAKE hair?!" Goodness! Sometimes I have to wonder...

But regardless I love her with all my heart. And bless this middle child, sometimes I DO think I'm at the end of my rope. I have to do an attitude check and remember what it took to get her here. Sometimes I have to take several checks. But I love her. I do. Sweet, silly, sass and all!


the Nest Keeper said...

what it took to get her here? {smile}
MOUNTAINS of prayers.
will never be able to see her as ANYTHING but a huge miracle.
Loving watching God write her story.

Brenda said...

Oh my goodness, she is so adorable!! They think they are so grown at this age. I have a four year old and I am always laughing at the stuff she comes up with. It's amazing!!

Lillian Child said...

What a delightful story! HUGS!

cdm317 said...

She is adorable!