Thursday, August 18, 2011

1st day of school photos

I thought I'd share these here for family story preservation purposes more than anything else even though I'm a day late in posting them. Those of you who've seen these on Facebook, sorry for the re-post but at least here you'll get the narrative too. ;)

For the first day of school Caroline woke up early and got dressed. As in, she was up, dressed and waiting for me in the kitchen before my alarm went off. hehe! She said she "was afraid she was going to be late" and didn't want to be on the first day. So cute!

When we got there she walked way ahead of us, calling over her shoulder for us to hurry up! WE (Sarah Kate and I) were trying not to mow anybody over with Mac in the stroller. But I guess that was beside the point. Anyway, she found her way to her classroom without any assistance which was a concern of mine.

She knew exactly which one was her desk, sat down, and looked up at me like this. Her expression is a mixture of "I'm okay" and "I'm really nervous". I could tell that she wasn't really sure what to expect next. But apparently she did really well.

Other tidbits of note:
*She fell asleep against a brick wall while sitting in carpool. (I thought the teachers were kidding when they told me that, but nope. It's been confirmed.)

*The first words out of her mouth when she got in the car were, "SOO, what'd I miss?" I guess she thought we were having a party all day or something without her.

*She then proceeded to tell me about her day--extra emphasis on sitting in the lunchroom with its foldy tables and benches as well as the Kindergarten scavenger hunt around the school.

*She made a friend but didn't know her name (and still doesn't a day later!)

Overall, a great 1st day! At bedtime she told us, "I get to be a Kindergartner again tomorrow!" I'd call that a successful day! :)


Virginia said...

Aw that makes me smile!!! Somehow I missed the pictures on facebook so I'm glad you posted them here. I was wondering how YOU did. I'm so glad she had a good first day!

Gretchen said...

yay!! glad she had a great day!!

Carol said...

she is too cute!!!! and so is her dress ;)