Friday, August 26, 2011

A flower medallion tutorial

Have you always wanted another way to use those patterned 1/2" strips that come along the bottom of some manufacturers' papers? Well, hopefully this one will be a new one for you. Here I've made medallions out of those strips of "extra" paper.

To make a flower medallion, here's what you'll need: a 1" circle punch, the 1/2" patterned paper strips that come along the bottom edge of patterned paper (the flip side without the skew number), large and small 3D foam adhesive squares(or circles). You'll also want a trimmer and a tape runner.

First, cut one of the borders in 1" long strips.

Place a small 3D foam square at one edge of the strip.

Fold it over in half. A little trick is to lick the tips of your index finger and thumb and run them along the strip so that the paper doesn't crease too badly.

Next, put a large piece of foam adhesive on the back of the 1" circle. It will be the flower's center.
Apply a little bit of tape runner adhesive to the tip of each folded strip and start layering the them around the circle, overlapping them slightly.

This is what the front should look like.

This is how the finished flower medallion will look.
Other patterned paper looks good too. Here I cut 10 strips that were 1/4" wide and used the same process to make this one.
And here it is on 2 different finished projects.

So there's another way to use those fun extra strips. Thanks for letting me share!


Pam said...

Awesome tutorial!! Thanks for sharing, I adore both of the projects you used them on:)

Kathy Martin said...

I LOVE it! Very cute! Thank you! :)

Sherri said...

You rocked the tutorial! Super cute projects too :)

Scrap Savvy said...

Great tutorial Deanna! How cute are those!:)