Friday, March 25, 2011

I've been busy

but I can't share yet. :( I hate waiting. I always want to reveal right away. But here are a few sneak peeks for ya!

two from My Little Shoebox:

A little Lily Bee...
this one has 4 different techniques
in one little sneak. (faux stitching, doodling
a handmade pinwheel, and misting)

dove in to my Crate stash...
LOVING "Toy Box" even though
Little Man is still a bit too
young to play with those kinds of toys.

and some Lily Bee + Prima

Trends I've noticed myself doing lately:

--doodling the heck out of my layouts. There's just something that gives it more emphasis. Now when I see something (of mine) that isn't outlined, doodled or faux stitched it looks naked to me. I can't stop doing it!

--using brads more. I'm loving the recent trend of fabric brads! I've always struggled with the glazed ones, but for some reason the fabric ones make me see something new. (maybe I'm just weird like that.)

--layering die-cuts. Okay, so this isn't exactly something new to me. And I'm no Christine Middlecamp. But I really love the look. That top MLS sneak has 4 layers of die cuts, which I love!

--quilling my own flowers. I LOVE that Shannon showed us exactly how to do it at the Atlanta Cricut Circle crop. Everytime I'd tried it up until then had always been a mess. But now, I love it!!

--and lastly, the layout-inside-a-layout look. I saw on a blog this week that someone called it "blocking". If that's what it's called, then I'm really drawn to the blocking look lately.

So what are you in to lately? Any trends out there that are striking your fancy? I'd love to hear about them!

and with that, I'll see ya on Monday with the My Little Shoebox DT Farewell blog hop.

Happy Friday!

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Virginia said...

You are making me want to scrap, my friend. I've been going through such a dry spell lately, I never feel like I have the time anymore to sit down. But your sneaks are making me itchy to play! XOXO